Author: Pauline Schlautmann

Ran Out: Porcelain + Terracotta by Shlomit Bauman

White porcelain is moulded with the last batch of terracotta from a closed down clay mine in Israel and fired together to create distorted and cracked objects. For the artist, it represents the distortion of the process of trying to mix two different cultures together.

Ran Out Porcelain:Terracotta Shlomit Bauman 1 Ran Out Porcelain:Terracotta Shlomit Bauman Ran Out Porcelain:Terracotta Shlomit Bauman 2Ran Out Porcelain:Terracotta Shlomit Bauman 3

Ettore Sottsass on Structure & Decoration

“Decoration, as we understand it, also includes a negligence of the constructive structure. This basic structure has always been a matter of faith, it was a must […] we imagine a possible complexity and do not search for what one can omit […] structure and decoration are identical.”

Barbara Radice, Memphis: Gesicht und Geschichte eines neues Stils, München 1988, S.87.

Ezio Manzini on Surface

“the recognition of a colour, or of a consistency, or of a texture […] involves sensorial activities that a are quite different from those called into play for the recognition of a shape. They demand a lower level of interpretation, being concerned with more direct and closer physical contact […] homogenous, uninteresting surfaces lack a whole layer of sensorial relationships”

– Ezio Manzini, “Objects and their Skin” in: The Plastics Age. From Modernity to Postmodernity, hrsg. v. Penny Sparke, London 1990, S.115.