The project is devoted to surface design as a haptic-functional and sensually-experienceable interface between human and object. Through different methods we will develop a systematic catalog of variations which will be archived digitally and documented qualitatively. The work process is to be understood as an experimental evolution from analog to digital to hybrids.

In the analog phase, classic tools and applications from the craft will be provided. Eg. moulding, embossing, frottage, punching, modelling etc. Digital structures will be achieved using 3D-scanners, 3D-printers and CAD-software (Rhino/Grasshopper, Processing, 123d catch & make). Pattern repetitions could be generated, structures transformed, scaled, manipulated or abstracted from realistic templates, associated and interpreted. Iterative jumping between the two worlds and a mashup of poetry and functionality is highly desired.

The goal is to create designs with surface structures known from other contexts (reframing); transformed and sampled to cause irritation and interest; surfaces only perceivable visually, reaching an exotic quality in porcelain; structures oscillating at the intersection of grace and purpose.

Supervision Prof. Susanne Stauch . Dipl.Des. Laura Straßer . Dipl.Des. Daniel Schulze