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Lasered Porcelain Foil / Schellack Tiles

As one part of the experiment, I lasered tiles with different patterns on to porcelain foil of 1mm thickness to first create the Moiré effect in flat before going ahead to shaping it into a form. The effect could be seen already in a non-fired state. The challenge here is to keep them in a flat state after firing.

IMG_1659 IMG_1663 IMG_1718

As a second experiment, I am using the Schellack technique to make grids on tiles. The difference here is that I am working with the translucency of the material rather than cutting out some of it. Going further, I will develop several shapes for an object depending on the outcome of the experiments.


Moiré: from 2D to 3D

Asking myself how I can transport the Moiré effect from 2D to 3D, I came across various ways in which the effect is used in a three-dimensional way:

strings1 bench6 bench1

Moiré pattern model made from white elastic string on wooden frames.

test2-wheel-785x441 test1-wheel-785x441 moire5-620x347

Rendering of a model made from 5mm thick aluminium profiles for a car presentation.


Quick paper model. Find the video here: Moire Model

The next steps will be to make a models with different patterns lasered in ceramic foil and models poured by hand and thinned out with Schellack to find out which technique and patterns work best in creating the effect.