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The Trypo concept serves for therapeutic purposes. The concept equals a therapy for phobias, which consists of two parts: the physical and the cognitive level.

On the physical level, a patient is physically confronted with his fear. This confrontation is indispensable for the healing process. The toilet seats serve this phase and assist the confrontational treatment. The purpose of the confrontation is that the patient learns, that he can overcome the anxiety-provoking situation. Since the toilet is a very intimate place for most people, which must have a clean and hygienic appearance, the toilet seats illustrate a strong image. In addition to the confrontation aspect, the toilet seat also serves as an awareness of phobias.

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On a cognitive level, the trigger, i.e. the initial situation in which the phobia was developed is then identified. The manner of how we think determines how we feel, behave and how we react physically. The cognitive level foregrounds an active configuration of the perception, for the very reason, that the subjective point of view of the observer and not the objective reality, determines the behavior. In the course of therapy, a new and particularly positive experience is created in connection with the fear. Representative for this level is the cluster of the small cups. For the cognitive part, the hole was placed in a different context. Through the openings of the cups, an array of holes is imitated. Viewed from above one can merely see a hole. If one comes into touch with the hole and pulls it out, one has only a cup in hand. Thus, a new experience is created with the hole. If at best an additional appetizing ingredient is added into the cup, another and especially positive experience is created.

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Trypophobia, the fear of holes

This phobia can be caused by all sorts of holes: from nature, in food and many more. Mostly, it seems as if there would be something beneath the surface that eats its way upward and outward. For trypophobes the sight of clusters of holes can cause intense discomfort, nausea or panic.