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Structure inspiration+experiment // the Netherlands






Structures in nature are found in a natural way but also in a unnatural way. Holland or the Netherlands are a perfect example of a manmade country.

Not only were we fighting against the sea as long as the Netherlands exist , most of the country is below sealevel, also we are taking land from the sea and turn it into dry land. This gave us the possibilty to design parts of the land from scratch.

Holland is also one of the most dense countries on the world, we are with 17 million people on a land that is 1/8 thesize of germany. This means that all the land in holland is used very wisely and organised.

These interesting structures are fascinating me. Since is moved away from holland i have been fascination with a lot of facets of the Netherlands.



Mishka Kenner_julianadorp


The dutch fields are for me a very typical few of the dutch landscapes. They are straight rectangle shaped fields that are filling up the landscape. All different kinds of vegetables, flowers, animals, corn, and grasses are growing there. Little vences with barbed wire are normally seperating the fields.




Heather fields in the Netherlands.

Porcelain Tests for structures.

photo 1 (13)

A Structure carved into Plaster and than translated into Porcelain.

photo 2 (12)

Structure tryouts made out of porcelain.